Kerstin Renner



Kootenay Employment Services

Kerstin Renner comes to the BC Chamber Board with a varied background and experience working in various different settings, including in communications, media, marketing as well as employment services and community development.

Connecting people to their community through storytelling and capacity building has always been at the centre of Kerstin’s professional life. This includes providing people with the tools to be successful, from giving readers the information they need to form opinions and take action, assisting job seekers on their path to sustainable and fulfilling employment, to managing community development through strategic partnerships with funders and other agencies.

As Regional Community Development Manager with Kootenay Employment Services as well as through involvement with the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce and other regional community economic development bodies,  Kerstin is fostering relationships and collaborating with key government contacts, Indigenous organizations and community stakeholders which has enabled her to build a strong network in the Kootenay region.