BC Chamber of Commerce Statement on B.C.’s Trade Diversification Strategy

International Relations and Trade
Local & Regional Government

In response to the provincial government’s release of B.C.’s Trade Diversification Strategy today, Fiona Famulak, President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement:

“The BC Chamber of Commerce is pleased to receive the provincial government’s B.C.’s Trade Diversification Strategy. Providing businesses with the opportunity to introduce their products and services to new markets is an important step to help our businesses and our economy grow.

“We believe that government has a critical role to play to help create and nurture trade relationships that help B.C. businesses showcase their products and services to the world, from the wealth of natural resources that are in global demand and include LNG and critical minerals, to the products and services of the agrifood and agritech sectors, the forestry sector and information and communications technology sector, all of which are significant opportunities worthy of pursuit by our trade partners.

“The government’s support of the work undertaken by the Export Navigator Program and Trade Accelerator Program will allow the programs to build on their success to date and deliver tangible results for companies pursuing an export strategy for the first time, or who want to expand their export market reach. We look forward to working with government and connecting our business community to the services being offered by the Ministry.

“The BC Chamber of Commerce believes that healthy communities are a function of healthy businesses and the goals of B.C.’s Trade Diversification Strategy are aligned with this belief. We applaud the provincial government for their efforts and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure businesses in B.C. can prosper, families thrive and communities flourish.”