The BC Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most broadly-based business association in British Columbia, representing 100 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, and 36,000 businesses of every size, and from every sector and region of the province.

Since 1951, the BC Chamber of Commerce has helped shape government public policy and decision-making to empower British Columbia’s businesses. While our rich history spans many decades and traditions, we bring bold, innovative thinking to every conversation and make data-driven decisions that result in, not only proactive advocacy, but also programs and services that support businesses across the province.

Our Vision

The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce – A Bold Voice for All Businesses in British Columbia.

Uniquely positioned with a membership represented by small, medium and large companies from every industry, we understand what’s important to businesses across the province and advocate passionately on their behalf.

Our Purpose

We champion the collective voice of our members to create an environment in which BC businesses prosper, families thrive and communities flourish.

We advocate for a business environment that is inclusive, innovative and competitive, believing that if businesses succeed, they can help support families and grow communities in a sustainable way.

How We Do Business

Our values inform our words and actions.

We are courageous leaders – we are strategically focused and intentional in all that we do.

To sustain an environment in which businesses thrive requires extraordinary ideas and creative solutions. Count on us to think strategically, challenge the status quo, and bring bold, innovative thinking to every conversation.

We care – we support our members and communities.

At the heart of every organization there are leaders who not only work tirelessly on their business but who care deeply about their people. We care too, and not only support our members’ business success but also their health and wellbeing and that of their communities.

We welcome all to the table – we embrace equity, diversity and inclusivity.

We really are stronger together than apart. And whether we are leading a cause or supporting that of another, collaboration is key. That’s why, with open ears and open minds we welcome all to the table so that we can listen, learn and co-create together.

We listen – we seek first to understand and are responsive.

We actively listen in order to understand before responding thoughtfully and taking action, because we recognize that our members, businesses and stakeholders come from across a province that is geographically large and socially, culturally and economically diverse.

Our 2022-24 Strategic Framework

Our strategic goals define what we want to achieve. We have set three strategic goals for the three-year period – to ENGAGE, CONNECT and EVOLVE – each of which has four supporting objectives that set out what we will do to achieve the goals.

ENGAGE: We leverage our unique provincial reach to bring together members, businesses, stakeholders and governments to proactively champion provincial issues that matter.
  • Leverage our membership strength and grassroots policy development process to build our advocacy
  • Deepen influence with government, bureaucracy, crown corporations and others essential to a vibrant provincial economy
  • Broaden membership to ensure all voices are represented
  • Pursue strategic partnerships and alliances that address systemic issues that limit business potential
CONNECT: We connect our members to people, programs and services that will enhance their business knowledge and help drive their bottom-line success.
  • Be the go-to information hub that quickly and effectively connects members to valued resources, including technologies that drive productivity and bottom-line results
  • Share our thought leadership in accessible form
  • Facilitate connections, knowledge and information exchange
  • Be digital first in communications, content and services
EVOLVE: We continuously evolve, adopting best practice board governance and organizational, operational and financial processes and procedures that support the delivery of our vision, purpose and member value proposition.
  • Work collaboratively with our members to strengthen the services provided to them
  • Implement a new value delivery model
  • Introduce non-dues revenue services to fund activities
  • Review board governance and organizational, operational and financial infrastructure against best practices and continuously improve effectiveness