Our members get it.

When you join the BC Chamber of Commerce you’re part of a powerful network of 36,000 businesses.

Corporate Membership:

Business located, or having a place of business, in British Columbia including any industry, sectoral or other business-related organization, individual, corporation, firm or partnership associated with, or having an interest in, the business or professional life of British Columbia but excluding any organization, individual, corporation, firm or partnership whose purposes or activities are largely or primarily politically partisan in nature. Corporate membership may also include Extra-Provincial Members whose Business is located in any jurisdiction other than British Columbia, and who has been accepted for membership in the Chamber.

Chamber Membership:

Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade, located in British Columbia, which has been duly constituted and is active in the development and promotion of trade and commerce in British Columbia.

Advocate with Intent

Your business is our business—and we take that seriously. Together with our members and local chambers of commerce and boards of trade, we take a non-partisan approach as we collaborate with government for a prosperous BC—all fueled by our grassroots policy building process and your insight. Our annual Collective Perspective Report is essential reading for government.

Save Money

In business, every dollar saved is a dollar earned.  Our members benefit from strategic partnerships with vendors, providing discounts on the products and services you need to run your business. 

We’ve got an exclusive employee benefits plan that can’t be beat, along with assistance on merchant processing, online marketing, payroll solutions, or discounted office supplies. Get access to exclusive travel and hospitality discounts and perks, too – from reduced hotel and car rentals rates, to savings on fuel and fleet costs.

Gain Insight

We know what’s on BC’s mind thanks to our online business insight community BCMindReader.com. We share your feedback and concerns with government to inform policies and create a more competitive BC.  We also share insight back with you, so you can make informed decisions about your business, in your community.  


BC Finance Minister Carole James takes a selfie with a Cabinet Minister breakfast attendee

Get Connected

We make meaningful business connections possible, by holding several events per year where corporate leaders, business owners of all sizes, and government officials address pressing issues, and discuss opportunities to propel BC’s business community forward.