Talent Forward Program

Accessing Funding to Hire a Student

Hiring a student can add value to your organization and you may be eligible for funding to bring a student onboard.  

Types of Funding  

To find out more about the funding provincial and federal funding programs, check out our Funding Resources handout here. Please note that funding availability changes quickly so not all programs listed may currently be open.  

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) 

One of the biggest funding programs is the  Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), funded by Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC), which provides wage subsidies for employers that offer quality student work placements.  Generally, the SWPP wage subsidy available is:  

  1. 50% (up to $5000) wage subsidy 
  2. 70% (up to $7000) wage subsidy for under-represented groups 

Find out more about SWPP in our video here.  

The SWPP program is administered by 12 Employer Delivery Partners that represent the interests of employers in various industries. To see a comparison of SWPP programs, you can download our SWPP Funding resource here.  

List of SWPP Delivery Partners  

SWPP Funding

Check out our short video on SWPP funding to get a better understanding of the Student Work Placement Program!