BC Chamber introduces 2018-19 Policy & Positions Manual

Our 2018 AGM & Conference told a story of strong engagement and collaboration among our network. 52 resolutions were put forward with various levels of collaboration on 27 of those policies — from co-submitting  resolutions to many resolutions with supporting chambers. The end result? Deeper, richer and more meaningful policies that have potential for a wider impact. That’s the power of the network!

We had 61 Chambers represented at the AGM & Conference which highlights the commitment of Chambers and Boards of Trade across the province in moving the dial on issues impacting their communities.

To put the collaboration piece in perspective, in 2015 with 22 policy submissions we only had one supporting Chamber or Board of Trade. We’ve come a long way! Let’s keep it up.

View our 2018-19 Policy & Positions Manual here.