Collective Perspective Dinner (with BC’s Deputy Ministers)

Event Date
Fall, 2020

As B.C.’s largest and most broadly-based business organization, our partners and government look to us to know what’s on B.C.’s mind. 

The Collective Perspectives Dinner exemplifies our ability to inform leaders in BC’s public service and harnesses our unique ability to connect business leaders directly with the decision-makers. 

This annual Vancouver dinner features all of BC’s Deputy Ministers and one of Canada’s most respected pollsters from Abacus Data. Bruce Anderson continues to present the results of our annual Collective Perspective Survey, contextualizing responses from over 1500 businesses. 

We’ll explore trends in the BC economy, and unpack where both start-ups and established businesses are feeling bullish. You’ll also find out where businesses see cause for concern and gain insight on their longer-term vision for our economy. 

The event is open to all British Columbians.