Greg Hopf

Owner & Operator, Moccasin Trails Incorporated

Greg Hopf is a Dene Indigenous tourism leader and Indigenous youth advocate who is passionate about building vibrant and thriving Indigenous communities, sharing stories and cultural traditions in an authentic and meaningful way, and working towards reconciliation through his philosophy of ‘Living in Two Worlds’. Greg Hopf was born and raised in Denendeh (Northwest Territories) and was fortunate to have the opportunity to live with his family in the tiny Dene community of Liidlii Kue (Ft. Simpson) where Greg Hopf learnt his Dene culture and value system, and built a strong connection to the land, the animals, and the spirits. These Dene values and stories brought him out on the land hunting, trapping, fishing and harvesting with his Liidlii Kue family. To this day Greg Hopf is still practicing his traditional way of life with his wife Sharon and his kids Keaton and Presley Hopf in the Okanagan Valley. Greg Hopf takes tremendous pride in passing his culture to his children, while professionally working towards building the capacity and a positive legacy in all Indigenous communities, and educating non-Indigenous peoples in a respectful and authentic way.

In 2016, Greg Hopf joined forces with his now business partner Frank Antoine to launch an Indigenous tourism company called Moccasin Trails. Together they grew the business into the award-winning tourism company it is today. Through the leadership and management of Frank and Greg, Moccasin Trails have had the following awards and recognitions bestowed:

  • 2019 All Nations Trust Company – Tourism Business Award Winner
  • 2019 Start Up Canada Awards – National Indigenous Entrepreneur Finalist Nominee
  • 2019 International Indigenous Tourism Awards – Customer Service Award Finalist Nominee
  • 2021 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards -Award Winner

In addition to the tourism business, Greg is the co-founder of Moccasin Trails Consulting, which is focused on economic development, tourism development, partnership building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, delivering inspiring keynote presentations, and facilitated training and workshops. Greg’s work is deeply rooted in Indigenous values, cultures, teachings, and beliefs where there is an innate understanding of the opportunities and challenges for Indigenous communities. Prior to starting Moccasin Trails, Greg successfully managed a hunting and fishing lodge in the NWT; built the Aboriginal Sport Circle of the NWT for over ten years; developed an Indigenous cultural tourism strategy for the Thompson Okanagan region; and lead the successful bid to host the International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC) in Kelowna 2019.