We know what’s on BC’s mind.

What began in 2018 for the sole purpose of gathering better, more timely insights from our member businesses to fuel effective advocacy on their behalf, has flourished to produce a one-of-kind, digital intelligence platform – the BCMindReader platform – that leverages the unparalleled reach of our provincial network to access robust, ground-level intelligence about businesses large and small, from every sector, demographic and region in the province.

Our BCMindReader insight community comprises 3,700+ engaged business leaders from across British Columbia. The program allows us to consult with the community and gather near real-time intelligence on topics regarding the Canadian economy, policy and regulations, labour market sector issues and workforce challenges, international trade, and export readiness, and many other areas of interest.

The BCMindReader platform leverages the power of Alida’s leading-edge technology used by more than 850 companies globally to gather customer intelligence. Unlike traditional polling, our BCMindReader platform provides the unique feature of a two-way exchange of insights with community participants. By sharing the survey results back with you, we help increase your line of sight on topics related to B.C. businesses.

While we use the BCMindReader platform for our own purposes, we have also delivered surveys for clients in both the public and private sectors, most notably the provincial and federal governments, who rely on robust data to plan their next steps.

BCMindReader.com is free to join, allowing us to give a voice to every British Columbian. As a member of the community, you’ll participate in surveys on topics you care about—and our community demographics supercharge our insight. Join BCMindReader today to be the voice for B.C. business.