Hopin FAQs & Information

Where is the AGM & Conference being hosted?

The AGM & Conference will be hosted on the online platform Hopin. This virtual space will allow attendees to watch the AGM, keynotes & panel discussions on the main stage, connect with fellow attendees in the networking area and visit the sponsors in the expo hall throughout the day.

Policy sessions will be held in the sessions area of Hopin where those speaking to a policy will be allowed on camera/audio by the parliamentarian.

What is Hopin?

Hopin is an online events platform that will be used to host the 2021 AGM & Conference. There is nothing to download as Hopin runs in your browser.

This virtual space offers multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of areas of the event just like an in-person event.

Do I need a Hopin profile to register?

Yes, you can set that up when you register on the event page:

  • Choose a ticket type
  • Click the blue checkout button
  • If you have NOT used Hopin before, click the blue sign up with email button and enter your details
    • If you have used Hopin before, you can now login with your email and password
  • You will then be taken to the Reception page
  • The areas within Hopin can be accessed by clicking on the icons on the left side of your screen
    • Stage – all keynotes, panels & the AGM
    • Sessions – Policy Sessions only
    • Networking – two way video networking with other delegates
    • Expo – the tradeshow area

Are there special requirements to access Hopin?

Yes, Hopin requires:

  • A laptop/desktop (please note: phones/tablets are not supported)
  • Google Chrome or Firefox, fully updated with pop-up blockers disabled, guarantee the best experience (please note: Safari, IE and Edge are not supported)
  • Minimum internet speed: 5 mbps down/2 mbps up
  • Closing all unnecessary tabs/applications during the event

MAC users, here is some additional information that might help you with Hopin.

  • Camera or microphone issues
  • Hopin works best in Chrome or Firefox
  • Safari may work for watching sessions but is not ideal for coming on camera during the Policy Sessions

What can I expect within Hopin?

There are five areas of Hopin:

  1. Reception
  2. Main stage
    – AGM, keynote speakers & panel discussions will be held here
  3. Breakout sessions
    – Policy Sessions will be held here
  4. Networking
  5. Expo
    – The sponsor booths will be here

Learn more on Hopin’s website here.

How can I “network” using Hopin?

The networking segment on Hopin is similar to one-on-one meetings on a FaceTime call. This segment is designed to recreate the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are important at an in-person event. The networking lounge automates the discovery of new connections. When an attendee participates in the networking, they are matched with a random attendee. Read more about virtual networking on Hopin’s website here.

Where can I find additional Hopin onboarding resources?

  • Read a general overview article of the Hopin platform here.
  • Watch a video walk-through — attendee experience — here.

Are there any technical tips and/or suggestions for attending this Conference?

Yes, please review the BC Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 AGM & Conference: technical requirement guidelines for best practice tips, troubleshooting, device setting instructions and more.


  • Refreshing your browser will clear up most issues (i.e. loss of video or sound issues)
  • Is your screen stuck with a spinning wheel and the message ‘authenticating’?
    • Are you using Chrome? other browsers may work but Chrome is best
    • Is your VPN turned off? (you may still need to close Chrome and reload)
    • Do you have any pop up or ad blockers running? they should be turned off
  • Continuing to experience issues?
    • Try an incognito tab in Chrome (ctrl+shift+n)
    • How’s your internet connection? is anyone else on your Wifi? you can also try turning off the Wifi on devices like tablets and your smartphone – they use more bandwidth than you think