Chair's Message

To the Members of the BC Chamber of Commerce,

I am honoured to serve as the Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce given the pre-eminent role it plays as the voice of business in British Columbia.

The BC Chamber of Commerce board exists to govern on behalf of you, our members. To that end, I strongly believe the board and each director must act in the best interests of the entire organization, to establish the right strategic goals for our organization.

I firmly believe that a business should focus on what it does best. For the BC Chamber, that involves developing and advocating for sound public policy. Indeed the defining value proposition of the Chamber movement is that we are the only organization that can effectively advocate at every level of government.

This is why I am particularly excited that over the coming year, the BC Chamber will be unveiling a new advocacy handbook and toolkit. This handbook will empower all of our members to take full advantage of the policy process, including engaging with one of our most important partners, local governments.

Another initiative I am excited to have the opportunity to work on is advancing the Small Business Accord, which is a powerful tool and of great benefit to all the small businesses that our Chambers represent.

Just as importantly, I will be focusing my energies in making inroads on a project that will involve all BC Chamber Board Directors reaching out to the volunteer Chairs of Chambers from across the province. This outreach will be about our Directors listening and learning and then making the necessary modifications, for example, to governance or to our programs and services that help to ensure the BC Chamber remains relevant and offers more value to its members. This initiative requires that we have excellent directors and I am absolutely delighted with the quality and commitment with the board we have in place this year.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I am committed to doing all that I can to make this an organization that delivers value to all of our members and I look forward to making that goal a reality.


James Belsheim
Chair, BC Chamber of Commerce
President, Neptune Terminals